Sun-Mar Mobile (RV, Boat) Composting Toilet
Sun-Mar Mobile (RV, Boat) Composting Toilet
Sun-Mar Mobile (RV, Boat) Composting Toilet
Sun-Mar Mobile (RV, Boat) Composting Toilet
Sun-Mar Mobile (RV, Boat) Composting Toilet
Sun-Mar Mobile (RV, Boat) Composting Toilet
Sun-Mar Mobile (RV, Boat) Composting Toilet
Sun-Mar Mobile (RV, Boat) Composting Toilet
Sun-Mar Mobile (RV, Boat) Composting Toilet

Sun-Mar Mobile (RV, Boat) Composting Toilet

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      1. The Sun-Mar Mobile was the first composting toilet specifically designed to recycle waste on boats and recreational vehicles. Less pump-outs! No more chemical toilets!
        The Mobile is a self-contained toilet rated for use on boats and motor vehicles. It eliminates the need for pump outs, and with the ability to run off of a 12v or 110v power, it can function when the vehicle is both stationary and in motion. The Mobile is engineered to accommodate for motion with mounted brackets, a secured and sealed finishing drawer, and a fold-up footrest.

        Similar to other Sun-Mar units, there is an safety drain built into all Mobile units. This is recommended in all installations.

      2. One toilet has a rated capacity for 1 adult or a family of 2 for Residential/Continuous use. Or if used seasonally/Vacations, 1 toilet has a rated capacity for 3 adults or a family of 4.
      3. Recycling brings freedom, with the ODOR-FREE operation of a Sun-Mar. The Design of the Sun-Mar Mobile Although the Sun-Mar Mobile uses Sun-Mar’s tried and true three-chamber system, “marinizing” the unit led to some interesting adaptations. The need to be able to handle violent motion meant that the finishing drawer had to be gasketed so that no liquid could escape from the evaporating chamber. The air intakes face the same problem. These have to be located higher up and the air ducted down to the evaporating chamber. At the same time, a special drum locker ensures that the composting drum is held upright under all sea or road conditions. Space constraints mean that a fold-away foot rest is needed on the unit. This footrest has spring loaded legs, and a safety release mechanism to enable it to be removed periodically when access to the finishing drawer is required. To assist installation, strong mounting brackets are mounted at the base and rear of the unit.

        Electrically, the Sun-Mar Mobile units are quite different from other units because of the unique situation on many boats and RV’s. A 4.0 Watt 12 Volt fan is installed in a fan box within the vent stack. This fan, (which is on its own circuit) is designed to operate continuously while the unit is in use. To assist the 12 Volt fan in providing adequate venting, the Sun-Mar Mobile is unique among Sun-Mar units in having a 3″ vent stack. Customers need to supply their own deck vents, which should be constructed to allow adequate air movement while preventing seawater from entering the unit. Carbon and Zeolite Filter While venting is optimal above deck level, some installations will require that the deck vent is flush with the deck.

        Sun-Mar has incorporated the use of activated carbon and zeolite filter materials in the fan box to “scrub” the air of fresh ammonia odors. This has proven successful, and ensure odor-free operation at deck level. Evaporation and Electrical Configuration Evaporation is aided by a 110 volt, 120 Watt heater and thermostat. This heater is located in the sealed base compartment. The thinking in designing a 110 volt heater into the unit was that a 12 Volt supply is often available while the unit is in motion, while the 110 volt heater can frequently be used while the vehicle is in an RV park, or, in the case of a vessel, hooked up to shore supply.There should be enough 12 Volt battery power to keep the 12 Volt 4.0 Watt fan running continuously, and it hooks up on a separate circuit to facilitate this.

      Overflow Drain Required Evaporation capacity on Sun-Mar Mobile units is limited by the size of the heater, the surface area of the evaporation chamber, and the volume of air movement. Consequently, arrangements should be made to connect the Sun-Mar Mobile drains to a container or small holding tank for disposal in an approved manner.
    Sun-Mar Authorized Retailer
    1. Electricity must be connected while the unit is in use for proper operation.

    2.  Maximum Amps (with heater on)  1.0
       Fan Watts  5.4 (12V) Required
       Heater Watts (when thermostat switches it on)


      (12V 120W Heater available as an option)

       Average Power Use In Watts (heater on 1/2 time)  80
    3. Like conventional toilets, all Sun-Mar products must be properly vented per the guidelines present in the unit’s owner’s manual.
    4. Vent Pipe 3" 

      1" OD

      Required in residential applications

    5. Dimensions: 30" Tall x 19 1/2" Wide x 23" Deep (shipping dimensions 38" by 23" by 30")
    6. Weight: 44 lbs (shipping weight is 72 lbs)
    1. Q:What is the warranty for Sun-Mar toilets?
      A:Sun-Mar’s warranty is 5 years for the tank, and 3 years for all other components of the toilet. Accessory parts are not included in this warranty, and they have a 90 day warranty period. For all warranty inquiries, the serial number will be required. Please click here for an electronic copy of Sun-Mar’s warranty, which can also be found on the back cover of your owner’s manual. Please note that, as this is a personal hygiene product, once the toilet has been used, there is a no return policy.

      Q:Is this NSF certified?
      A:Yes! Sun-Mar units are certified for cottage and residential use to NSF/ANSI Standard 41. The National Sanitation Foundation, NSF, is the only North American standard for composting toilets. Please click here to visit their website for more information

      Q:Is a permit required to install this toilet?
      A:All Sun-Mar composting toilets, are Certified by NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) to Standard 41. This is an Internationally recognized certification and Sun-Mar composting toilets are the only approved systems with this certification for both residential and seasonal/vacation applications. In North America, the NSF Certification to Standard 41 typically eliminates the need for permits, however in some regions (state and counties) a permit application is still required. We recommend contacting your local health department and/or building code regulator to request that information. Most states have a list of approved composting toilets which would include NSF Certified to Standard 41 at the forefront. Sun-Mar composting toilets are accepted and installed all over North America, so you should not have any issue moving forward.

      Q:Can toilet paper be used with Sun-Mar composting toilets?
      A:Absolutely, any type of toilet paper can be used in Sun-Mar units. It is a useful source of carbon for the compost.

      Q:How do I clean the toilet?
      A:For the outside shell or bowl liner of a self-contained toilet*, an ultra low-flush toilet, or an A/F Waterless toilet, Compost Quick and water, or a solution of vinegar and water, are the recommended cleaners. You do not need to clean the Bio-drum™ unless bleach or some other chemical has been added to the drum by accident. *For advice on cleaning the outside shells of electric self-contained or Central units, please call Sun-Mar’s customer service department at 1 888 341 0782. Power washing is not recommended as this will damage electrical components.

      Q:Will I have odor with my Sun-Mar toilet?
      A:No, if installed and maintained as per instruction. Any odor is a sign that something is not quite right with either the compost, or the installation. Contact our customer service team with your serial number and we’d be glad to go over what is happening and help to resolve it.

      Q:What chemicals need to be used with the toilet?
      A:None whatsoever. Chemicals such as bleach, essential oils, and common cleaners will disrupt, if not outright kill, the compost and are not recommended for use with Sun-Mar toilets. The only materials that should be used with any Sun-Mar toilet are the appropriate Compost Sure Green or Compost Sure Blue bulking materials, Compost Quick and Microbe Mix. Consult your owner’s manual for specific instructions, or contact Sun-Mar’s customer service department for more information.

      Q:Can the toilet be used in the winter?
      A:Yes. Composting may be affected, depending on the location and temperature where it is installed. If the self-contained toilet or Central unit is installed in a location with temperatures consistently below 50° F/15° C, the compost will go dormant and composting will stop, allowing the toilet to function as a holding tank. Removing compost from the drum to make room for some winter usage is recommended.

      Q:Will freezing affect the toilet?
      A:No. The Bio-drum™ is designed to withstand its contents freezing, so using the toilet in the winter is possible. However, do not rotate the drum when the compost is frozen, as this can damage it.

      Q:How often do I need to empty the Bio-drum™?
      A:You never need to empty the Bio-drum™ completely. The compost in the drum contains the microbe colony that aerobically breaks down waste.
      Typically in a seasonal installation, you would remove some compost to the finishing drawer to make room in the drum. The amount to be removed varies by unit and usage. In residential applications, where the toilet is being used every single day, finished compost will be taken out approximately once every three months. In weekend/vacation/seasonal applications, where the toilet is being used primarily on weekends and/or only during certain times of the year (spring, summer etc.), finished compost will be taken out approximately once, or at most, twice a year - so in both cases, not very often. The end product will be finished compost (or dirt, top soil, fertilizer etc.) which you can use on grass, trees, plants and flowers etc. All Sun-Mar self-contained toilets are emptied by reverse rotating the drum (using a handle that is recessed into the seat), a good indication for when it's time to do so is when the Bio-Drum is about and/or just above half full. Counter clockwise rotation will deposit some material into the bottom finishing drawer and then emptied by pulling out the finishing drawer, located at the bottom front of the toilet. Each toilet comes with a very thorough owner's manual and detailed instructions on how to use them. Very easy to maintain and operate a Sun-Mar toilet.

      Q:How noisy is the fan?
      A:Typically, about as noisy as your average computer fan.

      Q:Can kitchen or garden waste, or greywater, be added to the toilet?
      A:No. We do not recommend adding food or garden scraps or greywater to the toilet as it will affect the composting process.