Loveable Loo Compost Toilet
Loveable Loo Compost Toilet
Loveable Loo Compost Toilet
Loveable Loo Compost Toilet
Loveable Loo Compost Toilet
Loveable Loo Compost Toilet

Loveable Loo Compost Toilet

Loveable Loo
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    1. The Loveable Loo is a compost toilet for permanent indoor household use. Ideal for your office, bedroom, shop, garage, barn, hunting shack, or vacation camp. What makes the Loveable Loo so versatile? Its simple, zero-installation design. The Loveable Loo is ecologically friendly, and requires no water, electricity, plumbing, venting or chemicals. It's odor-free when properly managed, and no urine separation is required.
    2. Important: You will need a 5-gallon bucket (not included), organic cover material such as sawdust (not included) and an outdoor compost bin (not included) to successfully use your Loveable Loo as an odor-free compost toilet system.
    3. Handmade from sturdy 3/4 in. premium sanded birch plywood, and finished with a double coat of water-based clear polyurethane finish.
    4. Pre-installed non-marking rubber feet on your Loo to help protect your flooring.
    5. Fast and easy assembly with a #2 Phillips screwdriver.
    Loveable Loo Authorized Retailer
    1. Assembled dimensions are approx. 21" L x 18" W x 16" H
    2. Assembled weight is approx. 28lbs
    3. Material: premium sanded birch plywood
    4. Your Loveable Loo will come to you flat packed for safe shipping. Simple assembly with a screwdriver is required (a power drill will speed up the process).
    5. Your Loveable Loo has been handmade from sturdy 3/4 in. premium sanded birch plywood, and finished with a double coat of water-based clear polyurethane finish. We have pre-installed rubber bumper feet on your Loo to help protect your flooring. Finally, your Loo includes a brand new easy-install white toilet seat, pre-drilled and ready to mount. Your Loo will come to you flat packed for safe shipping. Simple assembly with a #2 Phillips screwdriver is required. Made in Maine.
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    1. Q:Can toilet paper be used with the Loveable Loo?
      A:Absolutely, any type of toilet paper can be used in Loveable Loo. It is a useful source of carbon for the compost.

      Q:Can the toilet be used in the winter?
      A:Yes. Composting may be affected, depending on the location and temperature where it is installed. If the toilet is installed in a location with temperatures consistently below 50° F/15° C, the compost will go dormant and composting will stop, allowing the toilet to function as a holding tank.

      Q:Will freezing affect the toilet?
      A:No. However, the cold weather will make the composting go dormant.

      Q:Can kitchen or garden waste, or greywater, be added to the toilet?
      A:No. We do not recommend adding food or garden scraps or greywater to the toilet as it will affect the composting process. Food scraps should be collected in a separate compost container and deposited directly into the same outdoor compost bin where the humanure is being recycled. Humanure compost should not be segregated from your food compost. Everything should be composted in the same pile! The mix of materials enhances the quality of the compost. If you collect food scraps in the compost toilet, you risk a fruit fly infestation. However, once the toilet receptacle has been removed from the toilet and set aside with a lid on it, you can put food scraps inside the bucket.

      Q:What cover material can I use?
      A:The cover materials used in the toilet should be slightly moist (not wet or dry) and have a somewhat fine consistency. Sawdust from logs that are sawn into boards is ideal, but other materials can be used depending on what is locally available. Some people utilize rice hulls, coco coir, sugar cane bagasse, peat moss, rotted leaves, even shredded junk mail. Proper cover materials are absolutely essential to the successful operation of a compost toilet. Without a carbon-based cover material, a compost toilet is not possible. Wood ashes or coal ashes should not be used as cover materials in compost toilets.

      Q:How long does it typically take to fill-up the 5-gallon bucket?
      A:A 5-gallong (20-liter) container will collect about one week’s worth of human fecal material and urine, including cover material, produced by one average adult. The bigger you are and the more you eat, the faster the toilet receptacle will fill. If you’re using an undesirable cover material in your toilet such as wood shavings, which are light and airy and will allow some odor to escape, your toilet will fill up faster because you have to use more cover material than is normally used.

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Great construction

Really like the sturdiness and simplicity of putting it together. Glad it supports the concept of water conservation.