Central Composting System, Sun-Mar Centrex 3000
Central Composting System, Sun-Mar Centrex 3000
Central Composting System, Sun-Mar Centrex 3000
Central Composting System, Sun-Mar Centrex 3000
Central Composting System, Sun-Mar Centrex 3000
Central Composting System, Sun-Mar Centrex 3000
Central Composting System, Sun-Mar Centrex 3000
Central Composting System, Sun-Mar Centrex 3000
Central Composting System, Sun-Mar Centrex 3000
Central Composting System, Sun-Mar Centrex 3000
Central Composting System, Sun-Mar Centrex 3000
Central Composting System, Sun-Mar Centrex 3000
Central Composting System, Sun-Mar Centrex 3000
Central Composting System, Sun-Mar Centrex 3000

Central Composting System, Sun-Mar Centrex 3000

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    1. This product is experiencing manufacturing delays. There is a backlog of orders being fulfilled. Please place your order to get in queue for this product and secure your pricing. Estimated manufacture time is currently 6-10 weeks from your purchase date.
    2. This is the largest central composting unit offered by Sun-Mar. The Centrex 3000 system utilizes a continuous flow design for very heavy cottage or medium residential use.  Composting is made easy by the three major elements of the unit - patented Bio-Drum, compost finishing drawer, and evaporation chamber.  As the Centrex 3000 drum rotates, it moves compost through the system and drops it automatically into the collection housing at the end of the unit. Under normal operating conditions the drum will not have to be turned backwards for emptying. All Centrex 3000 electric systems feature a 370 watt 120 volt thermostatically controlled heater in a sealed compartment beneath the unit coupled with the standard Sun-Mar 35 watt turbo fan and 2″ vent stack. This heater assists in evaporation of liquids, reducing the amount of effluent from the unit. The fan also removes any fresh odors from the unit, ensuring odor-free operation. All Centrex 3000 systems are supplied with a 1″ drain hose which should be connected to the 1″ drain at the bottom left of the unit.
      The CENTREX 3000 series is designed for use with the 1 pint Ultra low flush toilets (purchased separately). This system can be converted to an AC/DC system using the AC/DC kit, purchased separately. Composting Capacity for Residential and Continuous use - 6 Adults or Family of 8.  Composting Capacity for Weekend and Vacation Use -9 Adults or Family of 11.
    3. Do you need a waterless composting/system?  No problem.  The Centrex 3000 can be used with a waterless system.  You will need to purchase a Waterless Toilet and the A/F waterless kit
    1. Largest Central Composting Toilet System by Sun-Mar.
    2. No Septic System Required and is less expensive.
    3. Accessible for maintenance.
    4. Low Water Usage. (Can also be used with no-water use "Centrex A/F Waterless Toilets")
    5. Can be used at off-grid locations with DC conversion kit.
    1. Need to ship to Hawaii? Please contact us for a quote.
    Sun-Mar Authorized Retailer
    1. Listed capacities refer to the amount of people, on average, using the unit per day. Residential/Continuous: 6 adults or families of 8. Seasonal/Vacation: 9 adults or families of 11.
    2. Like conventional toilets, all Sun-Mar products must be properly vented per the guidelines present in the unit’s owner’s manual.
    3. Height
      Width 27.5"
      71" (49" to turn handle)
      Vent Pipe
      2" Diameter
      Drain 1" OD (required)
      Max. Amps 3.6A (with heater on)
      Avg. Power 200 Watts (heater on 1/2 time)
      Fan Power 35 Watts
      Heater Power 370 Watts (when thermostat switches it on)
    4. Weight: 110 lbs (shipping weight is 144 lbs)
    5. Download a copy of the Centrex 3000 O&M Manual here.

    1. Q:Is this NSF certified?
      A:Yes! Sun-Mar units are certified for cottage and residential use to NSF/ANSI Standard 41. The National Sanitation Foundation, NSF, is the only North American standard for composting toilets. Please click here to visit their website for more information http://www.nsf.org/

      Q:Is a permit required to install this toilet?
      A:All Sun-Mar composting toilets, are Certified by NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) to Standard 41. This is an Internationally recognized certification and Sun-Mar composting toilets are the only approved systems with this certification for both residential and seasonal/vacation applications. In North America, the NSF Certification to Standard 41 typically eliminates the need for permits, however in some regions (state and counties) a permit application is still required. We recommend contacting your local health department and/or building code regulator to request that information. Most states have a list of approved composting toilets which would include NSF Certified to Standard 41 at the forefront. Sun-Mar composting toilets are accepted and installed all over North America, so you should not have any issue moving forward.

      Q:Can toilet paper be used with Sun-Mar Centrex units?
      A:Absolutely, any type of toilet paper can be used in Sun-Mar units. It is a useful source of carbon for the compost.

      Q:Can the toilet be used in the winter?
      A:Yes. Composting may be affected, depending on the location and temperature where it is installed. If the self-contained toilet or Central unit is installed in a location with temperatures consistently below 50° F/15° C, the compost will go dormant and composting will stop, allowing the toilet to function as a holding tank. Removing compost from the drum to make room for some winter usage is recommended.

      Q:Will freezing affect the toilet?
      A:No. The Bio-drum™ is designed to withstand its contents freezing, so using the toilet in the winter is possible. However, do not rotate the drum when the compost is frozen, as this can damage it.

      Q:How often do I need to empty the Bio-drum™?
      A:You never need to empty the Bio-drum™ completely. The compost in the drum contains the microbe colony that aerobically breaks down waste.
      Typically in a seasonal installation, you would remove some compost to the finishing drawer to make room in the drum. The amount to be removed varies by unit and usage. In residential applications, where the toilet is being used every single day, finished compost will be taken out approximately once every three months. In weekend/vacation/seasonal applications, where the toilet is being used primarily on weekends and/or only during certain times of the year (spring, summer etc.), finished compost will be taken out approximately once, or at most, twice a year - so in both cases, not very often. The end product will be finished compost (or dirt, top soil, fertilizer etc.) which you can use on grass, trees, plants and flowers etc. All Sun-Mar self-contained toilets are emptied by reverse rotating the drum (using a handle that is recessed into the seat), a good indication for when it's time to do so is when the Bio-Drum is about and/or just above half full. Counter clockwise rotation will deposit some material into the bottom finishing drawer and then emptied by pulling out the finishing drawer, located at the bottom front of the toilet. Each toilet comes with a very thorough owner's manual and detailed instructions on how to use them. Very easy to maintain and operate a Sun-Mar toilet.

      Q:How noisy is the fan?
      A:Typically, about as noisy as your average computer fan.

      Q:How many toilets can a Central system accommodate?
      A:The maximum number of ultra low-flush toilets that can be used with a Central system is 3. However, it is important to remember that the number of toilets does not equate to how many people can use it. Each installation is different, and the capacity guidelines in your owner’s manual should be the determining factor.

      Q:How far away from the toilet can I install a CENTREX system?
      A:The maximum recommended distance is 15 feet, with a drop of between 1/4″-1/8″ per foot. If your installation requires a run longer than the recommended distance, contact Sun-Mar customer service department regarding possible solutions.

      Q:Can kitchen or garden waste, or greywater, be added to the toilet?
      A:No. We do not recommend adding food or garden scraps or greywater to the toilet as it will affect the composting process.

      Q:Can the Centrex be installed in the basement or does it need to be outside?
      A:It can be installed in a basement.

      Q:Do you need to hook water lines up to the Centrex unit or can it be used without water?
      A:It depends on which toilet you purchase with the Centrex system. If you purchase the 510+ or 511+, then water will be required. If you purchase the AF Waterless toilet then you will not need water. However, if you chose the waterless toilet then you will need to install the Centrex system directly below where the toilet is installed, otherwise waste won't travel through the pipes to the central composting unit.